Questions before I buy

The Mattress

Do Mammoth Sport mattresses meet UK safety standards?

Yes. Every single one of our mattresses complies with UK fire regulations BS7177 and are categorised as low hazard, for domestic use. So, you can sleep easy!

We a proud that the foam we use in our mattresses DOES NOT contain the recent defective ingredients supplied by BASF’s Ludwigshafen factory, which has affected other manufacturers.

How big is the box my mattress will be delivered in?

We don’t fold or otherwise change the shape of our mattresses we simply roll them, so the box dimensions will depend on the size you order.

Single: 100x40x40cm
Double/King: 160x40x40cm
SuperKing: 190x40x40cm

How deep is your mattress, will my sheets fit?

The Mammoth sport mattress is a comforting 22cm deep. In our experience, most sheets will fit beautifully over this depth. You’ll be ready to get the best night’s sleep before you know it.

How firm is the Mammoth Sport Mattress

Well, of course we’d say our mattresses are just right. But to be more specific, our mattresses are a medium firmness. The support and comfort offered by a Mammoth Sport will feel tailored just for you. It’s not too firm, not too soft. But most importantly it will support you all the way through the night.

Is there a maximum weight that the Mammoth Sport can support?

The maximum weight per person is 20 stone (127kg).

Will I feel it when my partner moves through the night?

When someone moves during the night, something called kinetic energy is generated. On a bog-standard mattress, that energy is transferred through the mattress and can disturb your partner.

Mammoth’s PostureCell™ technology absorbs that kinetic energy, minimising any disturbance and allowing you both to sleep soundly.         

How Deep is the mattress

The Mammoth sport mattress sits at a comforting 22cm. Most sheets will fit this depth.

I’ve heard that foam mattresses can make you hot during the night. Will this happen with a Mammoth Sport?

Quite the opposite! Mammoth’s Medical Grade Foam is not temperature sensitive and doesn’t retain heat like memory foam. It has been specifically designed with cooling airflow channels to help you stay at the optimum temperature for sleep. We’ve thought of everything!


There’s a 10-year warranty on the Mammoth. What does that cover?

Ours is a no-questions-asked warranty. If your mattress fails within 10 years because of a manufacturing fault, we’ll take it away and deliver a brand new one for you. Could you ask for anything more?

That’s how confident we are that your mattress will last. You’re covered for flaws introduced in the manufacturing process, even in the cover. However, wear and tear and damage done whilst moving house (for example) are not covered.


What is the current expected delivery time

Mammoth Sport Mattresses – 40-Days
Supplied rolled and boxed to your front door.

Due to the increased global demand for PPE related products, we are currently experiencing some delays in the supply of quality raw materials we use in the manufacture of your Mammoth mattress. Your order is in safe hands and we do anticipate this only being a short term challenge. We will continue to make every effort to achieve our estimated delivery times. However, this short term issue may on occasion result in the delivery of your Mammoth mattress to be extended by maybe one or two weeks.

Questions After I've Ordered

Setting Up Your Mattress

My mattress arrived, how do I set it up?

Simply open the box and remove the mattress in its packaging. Lay it out on your bed frame going width ways from side to side. Gently open the packaging along the seam, taking care not to use a sharp object that may snag the mattress cover. The mattress will unroll. Then you just need to put it into place on the bed and allow it to expand to shape. Once ready hop on and start your sleep journey with us.

What base should I put my Mammoth Sport on?

Your Mammoth Sport will be happy wherever you put it. Ideally, a new mattress deserves a new base but if you already have a bed base you’d like to use, go ahead – as long as it’s the same size as your new mattress.

My mattress feels different. How long should I wait to get used to it?

Ideally, sleep on your new Mammoth Sport for 30 nights to get used to the difference it makes. If you’re still not happy, contact our team to talk about the next step.

Will the mattress have a smell when I first open it?

All foam mattresses may have a slight new car smell when they are first opened. This is perfectly normal and safe. The smell usually vanishes quickly, airing the mattress can speed this up. Some people are more sensitive to the smell, but again, it is totally safe.

After Care

Can I clean my mattress cover?

Of course. Simply use a soft, damp cloth to wipe your cover while it’s still on the mattress. There’s no need to remove the cover from the mattress. Use small circular motions with the cloth to remove marks most effectively

Do I need to use a mattress protector?

It’s not essential, but we’d recommend the use of a protector to keep your Mammoth Sport looking good as new.

Can I use an electric blanket?

Yes, that’s no problem at all. But you’ll find that, once you’re settled in bed, your Mammoth Sport will keep you at the optimum temperature for a restful night’s sleep, night after night.

Do I turn my mattress over regularly?

We’ve all dreaded that annual job of flipping the mattress. But the good news is, there’s no need with the Mammoth Sport. We recommend that you simply rotate the mattress regularly to ensure even usage.