Getting to know Carly Thornton, IFBB Pro Athlete

Carly Thornton

Carly Thornton is an IFBB Pro athlete, personal trainer, nutritional coach and the creator of ladies fitness range, Gluteywear. A passionate advocate for fitness, health and wellbeing, Carly is also a longstanding Mammoth ambassador, having embraced the benefits of better sleep to help her improve her recovery after training.

Carly first began competing in International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB) events in 2008, having found her passion for fitness a few years earlier. From that very first competition, she says:

“Suddenly I was hooked. I loved the dedication and will power it took to transform the body and it taught me to use this energy and qualities through other aspects of life.

Carly soon worked her way up into the professional ranks and she says that perhaps her greatest career highlight is still achieving Pro status. Asked what an average working day is like for her as a fitness athlete, Carly says:

“I juggle training six days a week with coaching my own clients through my Personal Training business, Elite Body and Fitness. We also offer online coaching services, which can take up a significant amount of time.

“Right now, I’m also working on my clothing line which seems to take up almost all of the rest of my day. Managing orders, looking for new designs, marketing my business and handling stock are all labour intensive.

“The hardest thing is often to persuade yourself to take a day off. I’m lucky to be passionate about the work that I do, which isn’t something that everyone can say about their day job. But it also means that it can be hard to switch off and give yourself a break – even when you know you would benefit from some time to recharge the batteries.

“That’s one of the reasons why sleep is so important. With so much going on and so little time to take holidays or really chill out, that time I spend in bed really needs to help me top up my energy levels and feel ready to take on the next day.”

Carly continues:

“When you train six days a week you get to know yourself and your abilities very well. Something as simple as a bad night’s sleep can really knock you out of your routine and the results are always noticeable the next day in the gym. I first traded in my old mattress for Mammoth because I didn’t want bad sleep to get in the way of performance gains any more.

“On the back of 8 hours’ sleep I’m ready to give a new day my all; less than that and I feel fatigued and less energetic.

“Since I started sleeping on a Mammoth, my sleep has improved and so has my recovery. The way the mattress adapts to the contours of my body to support the spine is really important. I just couldn’t go back to a standard mattress now!”

With a growing roster of clients for her Personal Training business, Carly says that helping others get fitter, stronger and more confident is the most rewarding thing.

“Helping others achieve their goals and become happier people is really an incredible experience. I’m lucky to have so many dedicated clients who are exceeding their expectations and finding not only new fitness levels but also experiencing benefits to their life in general. It’s always amazing to see how physical health is linked to the rest of a person’s mental and social welfare.”

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